Saturday, July 21, 2012

Free Morbid Mansion Video Game AND PacMan Android Game Downloads

Morbid Mansion screenshot
     Time for some fun and games! I have 2 video game freebies, a fun Pac-Man snack idea, and other stuff for you today.
     Although definitely NOT my personal style, the free video game offering over at Game Giveaway of the Day. Today: Morbid Mansion:
     I know some folks are into gore, so here is how the game developers describe their gift to you:
      "The Horror Palace Network is pleased to present Morbid Mansion, a Windows based PC game throwback of a timeless classic, none other than Pac-Man, only horrified. You control a good witch and must navigate through the catacombs of mazes inside the mansion while avoiding ghosts and picking up all of the body parts thrown about."
Screenshot of play area
Screenshot of play area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
      I definitely prefer the original Pac-Man. I read that Pac-Man is one of only 3 video games on display at the Smithsonian! Cool, huh? Man, am I old, lol.
     This is the huge-sized type of game I remember playing in the arcade or pizza parlor. Wow, it cost so little to play back then. Things change, huh?:

     I'm happy to announce that Amazon is offering a free Pac-man style video game for Androids right now:

     Pac-Man lovers like me might enjoy this cute healthy Pac-Man snack while gaming also: I think it's so fun that it uses cucumber and carrots.
Healthy Pac-Man

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