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Whistling Free "How To" Mp3 Plus Trivia, Memories etc.

Whistle While You Work
Whistle While You Work (Photo credit: Peter E. Lee)
Snow White (Disney)
Snow White (Disney) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     Whistle while you work! (Thank God for the movie which brought us this song...I can't tell you how many times I've used it in the past when my kids were little to encourage them to help clean up their toys, lol.)
     According to Wikipedia, "Whistle While You Work" is a song with music written by Frank Churchill and lyrics written by Larry Morey for the 1937 animated Disney movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It was performed in the movie, at least unofficially, by voice actress Adriana Caselotti. It also is featured in the 1979 stage adaption of the 1937 animated musical movie."

The Whistling Boy, Frank Duveneck (1872)
The Whistling Boy, Frank Duveneck (1872)(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
     And it remains forever in my heart and memory banks, that's for sure.
     Just like memories of my kids' whistles do...
     I'm just ok at whistling, myself. But folks can tell I'm making a tune. Well, hopefully they can.
      My are super whistlers, and when I hear one of them whistling happily in the distance or whatever, it definitely makes me happy!
    Whistling brings up some fun memories for me. When all my kids were little, it was so cute watching them try to whistle, and then learn to whistle. We got so excited!
     My father is fantastic at that super-loud whistle you can make with 2 fingers in your mouth while blowing. It makes such a shrieking sound that the whole room -- or store  -- or parking lot -- or Disneyland -- takes notice, that's for sure. 


File:Hand whistle 3.jpg
(This photo is from Wikipedia showing  some whistling steps. It's NOT my dad, lol.)
     He likes doing it at the most unexpected times. He has surprised plenty a calm person, lol.
     Today's offering over at Homeschool Freebie of the Day should help you if you know of any kids who want to whistle, whether homeschooled or not! I don't know if it teaches that "shrieking variety", but it'll be fun for kids of all most ages, plus of course the young at heart.
Here's how they describe the freebie MP3:

"It’s summer, and your kids are looking for something to do. Well, here’s something unique that will keep them busy for a loooong time. This is a TERRIFIC 7 minute audio explaining and demonstrating how to do all sorts of whistling tricks, bird calls, etc." Click here to go download your copy:
Whistling is Fun « Homeschool Freebie of the Day:

You can also show the kids this whistling duck and look up some fun facts about it as an impromptu animal sciences lesson!
Whistling duck flight02 - natures pics-edit1
Black-Bellied Whistling Duck, Birding Center
Port Aransas, Texas
Happy Whistling!

Whistling Sam4 

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