Saturday, July 28, 2012

Frree Licensed Today: Soccer Football Live 1.01 Video Game Today Only

A football (or soccer ball) icon.
A football (or soccer ball) icon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Football Live 1.01 screenshot
    Gave Giveaway of the day is offering a Soccer game for free today, or football as they also call it
     Here's how they describe it:
      "Football Live is a football/soccer game inspired by classic football games,except while trying to keep their ideals intact. Easy to pick up and play, hard to master."

Key features:

  • Fully 3D engine with different cameras for you to choose.
  • Fast paced gameplay, with adjustable game speed.
  • Realistic ball physics.
  • Score spectacular goals by mastering the aftertouch system.
  • Unique career mode where your performance dose matter, almost as much as results.
  • Many tournaments, including the world cup.
  • Many teams, including both clubs and nations.
  • Team and player editor included.
  • And much more.
    To get yours go here: Game Giveaway of the Day. Today: Football Live 1.01:
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