Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Free Ebook Today Our WORST Homeschool Mistakes (and how YOU can avoid them!)

Our WORST Homeschool Mistakes (and how YOU can avoid them!) (Easy Homeschooling)

     Part of the Easy Homeschooling series, this book is edited by Jim Erskine of Homeschool Freebie of the Day.

     Called "Our Worst Homeschool Mistakes (and how you can avoid them) it normally costs 99 cents but it " is available for free today until sometime Wednesday in the Amazon.com Kindle Store.

Here is how they describe this goodie:
 April 6, 2011
"We recently surveyed over 800 homeschooling families about what has worked well and not-so-well for them in their homeschooling activities. We got some remarkable answers from this survey. One of the most intriguing questions we asked was this: “What was your worst mistake in homeschooling your children... and if you could do it over again, what would you change about how you have homeschooled in the past?” We got some great responses to this question, with some tips and suggestions that are well worth considering by both newbie and veteran homeschoolers alike. This ebook is an edited collection of the best of these.
Now, as you go through this, here is a caveat for you: There obviously isn’t an ultimate “right way” to homeschool that fits everyone, and we’re not saying there is. Tthis is reflected in the responses you will find in this collection — in fact, some of the thoughts expressed here are directly contradicted by other moms. However, a few very definite patterns quickly emerge as you read through these. So our suggestion to you is this: Do any of these speak to you in your situation? Are there some hard-learned truths here that you can learn from? Can you apply some of these lessons to your own homeschooling? Glean and learn, friends… there are some true golden nuggets just for you here, if you are willing to find them!"

To get this freebie hurry and click here to go to the purchase page: (Amazon prices change quickly so make sure of the price before you click buy when you are at Amazon, although I figure it is likely worth the 99 cent normal price too, lol.)

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