Sunday, May 20, 2012

Distressed Scrapbooking Drama -- A New Page And Some Tips

"Lifelong Friends" NSD Scrapbook Challenge Entry by Joan McCray, 5/2012

     Anybody out there distressed about distressing your treasured scrapbooking, card making and assorted paper crafting materials?
     I admit to being that way sometimes.
     It can be scary, seeing and holding that beautiful, brand new piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper, for instance:
-  So crisp and perfect
-  such a cool design
-  so lonely (since you could only afford to buy one.)
- Such a nice happy, honored member of your stash you enjoy staring at
-  so comfortable in its 12x12 pink or green or whatever color scrap nook holder you have it nestled in.
     But then, lo and behold, the urge hits.
     Say, like me, you have this great antique style photo your dad took of you and your lifelong best friend from childhood. It's sepia-toned like those original photographs of days gone by. You need pink because that's her fave color, but plain shiny new pink just won't do, even if it does have a faint bit of white hatching on it.
     Woe is me, it needs to look old too!
     Plus, it just has to coordinate with those great brown frames etc.
     Besides, you could use some "creative therapy" -- maybe crumpling up that huge piece of beautiful paper will help you take out some of your frustration over the latest drama of your life.
     You can check out some of the materials I used to distress my National Scrapbook Day sketch entry this month (plus comments some folks there made below...share in that fun please :) ) at the following link:
Lifelong friends 2 Revised from other day
by AllTheWorldIsArt

You can also check out other layouts in my gallery there at the same time if you like :)

     To find out more on this particular Distressed Distresser saga, please come back soon here, where I will include more detailed hints, how-to's and tips from this layout and many more.

Thanks for dropping by!
Have an artsy day!
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