Sunday, August 26, 2012

ATWIA Creative Art or Writing Prompt of the Day -- A to Z

On my computer keyboard, my A print has almost disappeared, while the Z print is good as new. Does that mean the Z is lonely?
 (Photo Credit: Joan McCray, All The World Is Art)
     Today's prompt came about last night when I was trying to find a particular key on my computer keyboard in a room that was pitch black.
     Now, I have been a typist for decades. I learned when manual typewriters were still in.
     The IBM Selectric was new and amazing and became all the rage in offices etc.
     I learned to type on both of them in high school. I had my own manual typewriter.
     But the electronic version became my best friend because I didn't have to press so hard on the keys. I became so fast what with high school short stories, looooonnnng University term papers and essays, helping support myself as a secretary through college, and then becoming a reporter. Sometimes I'd amaze some folks with my flying fingers, lol.
The kind of typewriter I learned on, only at school they were a dull beige color.
Yes, I guess I, too, am Retro and Vintage now, lol
     However, I'm not as quick at the "hunt and pecking" method. I assume that is due to the fact that I didn't learn it that way to begin with. Plus, No more so with now I have arthritis and carpal tunnel so no quicky typing for me.
     Plus the sight-free method only works if you get your hands at the right beginning location to start with. This, as you know I'm sure, can be a challenge in the dark.
     But I digress. On to today's prompt:
     Last night I noticed how close the first letter of the English alphabet, "A" is almost right above the last letter of the alphabet, "Z", on the keyboard.
     Ok, so that's not some huge genius Ah Ha moment or anything.I am sure there's a scientific reason for this as far as making our typing easier when we're not looking. Or something like that.
     But just for fun:
-  Have you ever wondered why the 2 opposing letters are so close together on a keyboard or typewriter?
-  Is there a fable in that somewhere? 
-  Do they get along?
-  Have those letters affected you in some way?
-  Is there a story or poem in this somewhere? (Besides "Chick a Boom Boom", lol.)
- Would the 2 letters be fun to use in your art someway today?
- Do they spark anything else in that wonderful, creative mind of yours? (Yes, you. You are creative whether you think so or not.)

     I don't know about you but my mind is swirling with some ideas, so off I go to play artsy (after my obligatory computer time for today.)
     I hope you have fun too!

Pretty Please leave a comment if you like this new free segment offered for a little creativty spark to everybody everywhere from 1 to 111. :)It's nice to know if somebody out there is listening.

     Speaking of which, did anybody have a chance to try anything with yesterday's visual prompt of flickering flames called "Fire?" Maybe I should have included some written prompting too? What do you think?

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