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We've gotta love books that are a treasury of a variety of stories and poems, right? At least I always have. I remember as a little girl I would travel on the bus alone to the big library across town from where I lived at the time in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We were allowed to take out 14 books at once, and I would always choose the biggest books of children's anthologies whenever possible. I'd wind up with a huge, heavy pile of books to bring home, lol. No wonder I was stronger than I looked.
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     Well here's a great free anthology book called "FROM THE TOWER WINDOW of MY BOOK HOUSE (PDF ebook)"
     It goes with the other one I mentioned the other day.
"Lev Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana", 19...
"Lev Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana", 1908, the first color photo portrait in Russia Français : « Léon Tolstoï à Iasnaïa Poliana », 1908, le premier portrait photographique en couleur en Russie. Suomi: "Leo Tolstoi Jasnaja Poljanassa", 1908. Ensimmäinen Venäjällä otettu värimuotokuva. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
     I can't wait to read it for myself,. and share it with my kids for homeschooling and otherwise. (I hope to read some of the stories outloud onto tape or something for my youngest to give to him.)
     Among the entries are a story by Tolstoy, Robin Hood tales, and many other classics and gems. There are some amazing color and ink illustrations as well!
     Here's how Jim Erskine describes it: "This week we have another book in this wonderful library of historical tales, short stories, legends, and poetry from many lands and times. This is another great volume in the much beloved MY BOOK HOUSE series from the early 1900s, chock full of excellent stuff for read aloud and (educational) pleasure reading. Again, it is highly recommended!
     To download yours, go here:

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