Sunday, August 12, 2012

Free Pirate Roll a Word 2 Dice Learning to Read, Homeschool, etc.

Learning Ahoy has a really cute pirate-themed printable freebie you can make into a great dice learning game right now. It was designed for a first-grader, but could be made suitable for any age elementary on up depending on the words used, I imagine.
     It's the "Pirate Roll a Word 2!" I have always thought that combining games into learning helps so much and makes learning fun and more memorable, especially for hands-on learners like my youngest son. He also happens to enjoy pirates because his dad loves pirate stuff, so this is a fun find for us I thought you would enjoy too.
To download yours go here:
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  1. Thanks for sharing!! I have other pirate stuff on the blog be sure to check it out!

    Learning Ahoy!


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