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Free licensed Video Game Normally $20 - Fishdom Spooky Splash PLUS fun aquarium pics

 (Photo credit: cuatrok77)
Aquaria vattenmuseum
Aquaria vattenmuseum
 (Photo credit: markvall)
Aquarium (Photo credit: Rick Smit)
Small Aquarium with Paracheirodon innesi (neon...
Small Aquarium with Paracheirodon innesi (neon tetra), Trigionostigma heteromorpha and Hemigrammus erythrozonus
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A shot of our 10 Gallon tank. Hopefully being ...
A shot of our 10 Gallon tank. Hopefully being used as an example of a personal water tank.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Filtration system in a typical aquarium: (1) i...
Filtration system in a typical aquarium: (1) intake, (2) mechanical filtration, (3) chemical filtration, (4) biological filtration medium, (5) outflow to tank
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Diagram of the nitrogen cycle in an aquarium.
Diagram of the nitrogen cycle in an aquarium.
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
National Aquarium, Baltimore, USA
National Aquarium, Baltimore, USA
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
New Aquarium
New Aquarium (Photo credit: stewickie)
The Ocean Voyager exhibit tunnel. This image i...
The Ocean Voyager exhibit tunnel. This image is a panorama of 3 stitched photos to give a greater angle of view. Taken by myself on January 23rd with a Canon 5D and 17-40mm f/4L.
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fishdom: Spooky SplashWow my oldest boy AND my youngest boy would BOTH love today's free game that's normally worth $20 over at Game Giveaway of the Day!
    They both have LOVED aquarium fish games from the time they were little. Sometimes obsessively, I might add (lol.) I remember the kids jumping a little (not to mention myself doing so) whenever this monster fish would pop up loudly to eat their fishies if they didn't get away quick enough. It always seemed to be a surprise. We'd giggle at each other's reactions.

     So I don't see why today's offering, "Spooky Fishdom!" would be any less fun, unless you don't like ghosts and monsters like vampires, of course. Like that game I remember, in this one you "Earn cash as you complete addictive tile-swapping levels and spend it to fix up your spooktacular tank. Create the eerie atmosphere of an underwater haunted house with witches, vampires and ghosts in your aquarium.
     Have fun taking care of quirky tropical fishies and adding boo-tiful accessories to the virtual aquarium of your dreams! Win trophies as you polish your aquarium design skills in this brrrilliant match-3 sequel to Fishdom! Get splashed with Fishdom fun!"
     While I haven't had a chance to actually play it yet, I have checked it out, and here's what I think so far:
     Really cute graphics and fun eerie sound effects. The skeletons playing instruments in a band are hysterical :)
     The kids (and I, who am 48, lol) will enjoy this when we get to play together, which I pray will be soon. Thanks GOTD and Playrix software!
     I love how easy this game was to download and install on my Windows 7 laptop and how easy to activate, plus how the video did NOT mess up my visuals on my system like some games (not by Playrix) appear to.

System Requirements:Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7
Publisher:Playrix Entertainment
File Size:49.2 MB
Price:The program is available for $19.95, but it will be free today only 

To download your copy, quick! Go here:
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