Friday, August 10, 2012

Free "The Brownies at Home" Vintage Ebook Features U.S.A. landmarks, gnomes etc.

Brownie drawn and signed by Palmer Cox, public...
Brownie drawn and signed by Palmer Cox
       This freebie has nothing to do with the Girl Scouts and the Brownies of today, lol. In "The Brownies at Home" by Palmer Cox (PDF ebook) the brownies are cute little characters by Palmer Cox. I just love 'em. Cute little gnomes similar to the Whos in Whoville, lol.
Portrait of Palmer Cox : Frontispiece Frontier...
Portrait of Palmer Cox : Frontispiece Frontier Humor, Chicago: Donohue, Henneberry, c.1900. Scanned and uploaded to by Trevor W. McKeown. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     This goody would be great for homeschool, classroom or just for family fun. Think literature, geography, seasonal science, etc.
File:Outcault 4th ward brownies.jpg     Here's how Jim Erskine describes it "In this classic collection of Palmer Cox’s beloved “Brownies”, characters there are twelve stories – one for each month of the year. Follow the Brownies as they visit some early American landmarks and also create their own seasonal fun from January through December. 
File:Brownie.jpg          Our kids will enjoy finding their own “favorite brownie” in Cox’s wonderfully complex and intricately detailed illustrations." Perhaps the predecessor to "Where's Waldo?"
     Here's a cool vintage photo of a song to go with their stories:
     To download your copy of the Brownies ebook up top of this blog entry, go here:
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