Saturday, August 25, 2012

ATWIA Art or Creative Writing Prompt of the Day - FIRE

     I've decided to start including Arts, Crafts, Creative writing, journal and other prompts I can come with to share with you. Some will be visual, some in words, all will be simply stated.
     You can use them to play with anyway you like! (Or, of course, not use them at all.) Some ideas of what you can do with them:
-  Write a story!
-  Put an entry in your art journal or diary!
-  Paint a picture!
-  Make a card!
-  Draw a sketch!
-  Make an ATC artist trading card!
-  Make a collage!
-  Take a photograph!
-  Write a poem!
-  Do nothing with it!
-  Make a scrapbook layout!
-  Just think on it!
-  But by all means, enjoy.

     I might not be able to include one every day. But I'll try. I'll also post the occasional result I get from the prompt, that I create. Just for fun.

     Of course, anybody else of you who want to share your results with me or the readers of this website, let me know! Wow, would I love for you to! 
     I hope you have fun with these. This first one is purely visual:

All The World Is Art Prompt #1:
"Flickering Flames":

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