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Free Children's Bibles Giveaway, Ipad App, Review And Teaching Tips

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     What fun! You can download a free Children's Bible Ipad app from the Itunes Store! Plus, you can maybe win a print copy of three different best-selling Children's Bible publications in our All The World Is Art Giveaway! In addition, read on for some of our top tips on teaching your kids the bible at home.

     From what I've seen of Scandinavia's free Christian bible Ipad app for children, adults and especially the young at heart will likely enjoy it too, I know I do :) So much so that it makes me wish for an Ipad of my own even more than I did already, lol.

     As you'll see when you download it (plus from the tips below,) The Children's Bibles iPad app can be a great tool for homeschoolers, or parents and teachers in general, for teaching children at home about the bible. 
     But first, you probably want to know what books are included in the Giveaway. 
     Winner(s) will receive their books directly from the publisher:

1. Handy Bible - publisher price normally USD $12.95)  

2. Comic Book Biblepublisher price normally USD $9.95

 3. Small Famous People of the Biblepublisher price normally USD $1.95 

(You can see an example of these in the widget above, plus an excerpt in the sample below and, of course, on the free Ipad children's bible app.)

To enter:

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You can embed this widget on your site, too. All entries will go into the same "hat."

     One of the things that excites me about the Free Children's Bibles App is that it is being

 given away right now free (along with 13 other bible apps being sold) worldwide, "even in closed Muslim and communist countries, where the written Bible and Christian books and symbols are not permitted. This is a fantastic new way to get the gospel to the World."

 according to Scandinavia Publishing.

To download the free Children's Bible app for Ipad, please go here: The Children's Bibles iPad app

     Here is how they describe their app:

The Children's Bibles App:

"This app contains 84 books, different well-known children’s Bible stories. They are all beautifully illustrated, in a classic naturalistic and colorful style, with sound effects and music. They are also made into movies, and you can record your own audio for reading so the child will hear the father, mother or grandparent reading the story.

The Children's Bible book:

This best seller has sold over 6 million copies in 92 languages in more than 120 countries. This is one of the best-selling Bibles in the world! Every year, Scandinavia Publishing reprints nearly 500,000 copies of The Children’s Bible for countries that have previously published it, and now twelve new languages are being printed.

"These stories have already been sold, in printed form, in over 8 million copies in more than 110 languages and countries. (See the list in the App.) It is still reprinting 300,000 to 600,000 each year.
Check out the 3 free complete books and 3 free sample books. 
These are all stories from the Bible for different age groups from +0 to teenagers and even adults. They are faithful to the BIBLE, but shortened in some books.
Please have a look, and download this free App and books and samples"
In the free Ipad app you get free pages from 4 titles:
My First Handy Bible (The physical book has sold almost 2 million copies)
The Angel Bible (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Parables of the Bible (The Sheep that was Found, The House on the Rock, The Son who Came Home, The Coin that was Lost)
Stories of the Bible (creation, Noah’s Ark, Christmas, Easter) (Each book app regularly costs $2.99 or all 4 books for the discounted price of $9.99.)

Tips and More Review:
     First I checked out the app's story about creation. The animation is cool and I think would capture young kids' attention. (Ok, it captured mine, too, lol.) Nice illustration too.
     Plus in the creation story there's a "new" character: a cute little caterpillar that pops into different scenes and asks kids all kinds of different questions interspersed during the story.
     You could use these questions by encouraging your kids to answer them out loud, or in writing if they are older. If a short answer, they could just say what they think. If longer, you could pause the Ipad story and give them time to elaborate or think about their reply. Some of the questions are simple, such as whether the child sees a certain object in the story. Others have to do with morals, which of course would make a great base for discussion, debate, or a journal entry later.
     Another use for the Ipad stories would be as a kicking-off point to capture kids' attention about the story, since many kids are visual learners and just soak up technology nowadays. Afterward or the next day, you could all read the story from your own bible or have the child do so if old enough. Perhaps you could compare the versions. Or ask the child(ren) to tell the story in their own words (perhaps even tape that!)
     It's great that you can record your voice, or the child's voice, reading the stories too. You can make it into a Reader's Theater by taking turns reading different sentences, characters, or words! Consider using different voices to bring the "characters" to life even more, like a radio dramatizati on. You could even figure out ways to add sound effects (research how the first radio show sound effects artists did it, like banging pots and pans for thunder, for instance.) 
     Perhaps you could include music. Let the child(ren) choose. Classical? Christian contemporary? Or a song you write yourselves? Make your own music with instruments you have or make yourselves? (Especially instruments highlighted in certain stories.)
     Another way to use the app is to watch/read or listen to the stories, and then either act out the story (or parts of it) exactly (or close) to the way the app did it, or have the kids improvise or act to your own (or somebody else's) script about the same story. 
     You could have the kids wear suitable costumes you can either make (think construction paper and cardboard props such as a big first sun you could make rise. Or old towels or fabric or gowns for a King's robes, for example.) I spent years gathering a big bag of costumes and prop items with which to act out bible stories and lessons. For instance I have some great fabric with white and burgundy str.ipes that seems perfect for a robe Joseph might wear
     For those learning to read, handwrite, etc., use words or sentences from the stories and make flash cards (Use index cards and bright markers, perhaps.) Or write sentences on your chalkboard, if you have one. Or, of course, put them into a writing program on your Ipad, or on your computer to print them out neatly. Zaner-Blosser has a handwriting practice app for IOS, for instance.
     You can also make copywork sheets using sentences from the stories. Either make your own from scratch by using lined paper and skipping enough lines for the child to write the word or words too.
     Or you could go here to make them and print them out (They have a free version for your computer of the Zaner-Blosser Fonts Online Plus) or to some other copywork creation site.
     You could also consider listening to, and reading the apps stories first yourself alone. You can choose elements from the story you want to highlight, and write down quiz questions you want the child(ren) to answer either out loud or in writing. I enjoy putting questions from videos and other things we've watched onto individual index cards, with the question on one side and the answer on back. We have used these to play "games" like our own version of Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit. You can vary the difficulty of the questions depending what age(s) of children you are working with. For instance for a young child who can count (at least a little) you could ask how many tigers did God ask Noah to put into the ark?
     Noah's Ark is one of the stories on both the free Children's Bible app and the Famous People of the Bible app. As you probably know, I am partial to Noah's Ark art and stories of all kinds, of course, since God led me to name my youngest son Noah and we've collected Noah's Ark items of all kinds from since before he was born. (Guess what mural I created and painted on his bedroom wall, lol.)
     This particular story has fine illustration on the app. Not a ton of animation included in this story, but enough to keep it interesting. Nice and colorful plus some really cute animals. Here's a screenshot:

Here are descriptions and photos from some of the different apps, so you can learn some of what you may find in the 

Giveaway books

Famous People of the Bible App:

This app contains 24 books for younger kids. It has 16 pages per title with beautiful color illustrations. Take a look at the free sample book with the video. Hear the story read aloud or record your own voice, translate it to another language, or retell your own story.
Famous People of the Bible has 24 titles
•Noah and the Great Flood (FREE DOWNLOAD)
•Abraham Obeys God
•Jacob Returns Home
•Joseph Becomes a Ruler
•Moses Leads His People
•Joshua and the Walls of Jericho
•Gideon and the Small Army
•Ruth Takes Care of Naomi
•Hannah Prays to God
•Samuel Hears God’s Voice
•David Fights Goliath
•Solomon the Wise King
•Elijah and the Jar of Oil
•Esther Saves Her People
•Daniel in the Lion’s Den
•Jonah and the Whale
•Mary, Mother of a King
•Jesus, the Son of God
•John the Baptist Prepares the Way for the Lord
•Mary Magdalene, a Woman Who Loved Jesus
•Zacchaeus Meets Jesus and Repents
•Martha and Her Sister Mary
•Peter Walks on Water
•Paul Preaches God’s Word

My First Handy Bible APP:

The book features "excellent 4 color drawings full of life and action. 64 pages, full color on each page." 
 My First Handy Bible (in physical form) is a bestseller and has sold approximately 2 million copies in over 54 languages with more added every year. 

The Adventure Story Bibles

This app contains 30 books for ages 7-19, 40 pages per title and is illustrated by the bestselling illustrator José Perez Montero with beautiful color illustrations in a classic naturalis style. Take a look at the free sample book. Hear the story read aloud, or record your own voice. Translate it to another language, or retell your own story. 

    •Genesis – in the Beginning (FREE DOWNLOAD)
    •Israel – God’s Chosen People
    •Egypt – From Joseph to Moses
    •Exodus – Moses Leads the People
    •Desert – The Promised Land
    •Canaan – Soldiers of the Lord
    •Faith – Ruth, Job and Hannah
    •Samuel – Friends and Enemies
    •David – From Outlaw to King
    •Kingdom – The Fall of David
    •Solomon – True Wisdom
    •Elijah – Working Wonders
    •Warnings – Elisha and Isaiah
    •Prophets – Micah, Joel, Jonah and Isaiah
    •Kings – Israel and Judah
    •Exile – Daniel in Babylon
    •Freed – The New Jerusalem
    •Reform – The Last Prophets
    •Gospel – The Early Years of Jesus
    •Miracles – Healing Minds and Bodies
    •Jesus – Following the Messiah
    •Ministry – Jesus Touches People
    •Teaching – The Greatest Commandments
    •Stories – Believing the Truth
    •Betrayed – In Jerusalem
    •Death – Darkness Before Dawn
    •Alive – A New World
    •Acts – The Early Church
    •Paul – The First Missionaries
    •Mission – Yesterday and Tomorrow
    •The Comic Book Bible – From Adam to Jacob

The Little Children's Bible Books

This app contains 24 books for youngers kids, 40 pages per title, illustrated by the bestselling illustrator José Perez Montero. Beautiful color illustrations with a touch of humor. Take a look at the free sample book, with the video, hear the story read aloud or record your own voice, translate it to other languages, or retell your own story.
The Little Children’s Bibles, 24 titles
•God Makes the World (FREE DOWNLOAD)
•Noah and the Ark
•The Tower of Babel
•The First Christmas
•Jesus’ Miracles
•Children and Jesus
•Jesus Stories
•The First Easter

The Comic Book Bible (Win one physical copy free plus get (FREE PAGES in the Ipad app)

Here's how publishers describe it: "This app  is the first of 10-12 more books covering the full Bible as a Comic Book Bible. 48 pages with approximately 300 drawings total. It is an excellent way for Young people and children to read the Bible and read how God acts in human history. It gives you a good overview and understanding of the massages in the Bible. A naturalit classic style full of action and fast moving."


To check out more publications from Scandinavia Publishing House Bibles and Other Children and Adult Learning Aides click the link.

Please note that some payment compensation (including a set of the books the same as you can win) was provided to us in exchange for publicizing the Children's Bible free app.

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