Thursday, September 20, 2012

Free PDF Ebook - The Story of William Tell - Homeschool, Classroom, History or Legend

40px|border|Flag Deutsch: Fresko "Gessler...
40px|border|Flag Deutsch: Fresko "Gesslers Tod" in der Tellskapelle (Nr. 03.1-8817)
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
     I'm looking forward to sharing this freebie with my youngest son, who is the archer in the family. He hurt his knee yesterday so may have to sit a spell, so perhaps I'll read it aloud and send him my audio/video and this file to read along to. I'll bet you will enjoy "THE STORY OF WILLIAM TELL (PDF ebook) also!
An engraving depicting the death of Albrecht G...
An engraving depicting the death of Albrecht Gessler (center, seated on horse) at the hand of William Tell (upper right). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
     Here's how Jim Erskine describes his offering:
"Today’s resource is this classic retelling of the amazing true story (or is it a legend?) of the national hero of Switzerland – mountaineer, shepherd and bowman, William Tell. Read the story of how Tell was forced by the cruel governor Gessler, to shoot an apple off his son’s head, and how Tell became instrumental in leading the Swiss people to freedom. Excellent, concisely written historical narrative, just right for read aloud or study assignments."
     To download your 14-page copy, go here:
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