Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wow Free AMERICA The Story of Us Books For Kindle or Android or Computers, Nornally $90 Hurry

Wow! Hurry on over to Amazon, all you history buffs, teachers and students at home or brick and mortar, professors and you name it because right now you can get three books worth $29.95 each for your Kindle or Computer or other devices (and play them free on computer etc.) for FREE! Make sure it says Kindle Price Free before you click buy it now, of course, since Amazon prices change frequently, but at the time this went to press you can get them! I did and hopefully someday my kids will enjoy them. Meanwhile I get to anyhow. 

You can get "AMERICA The Story of Us Book 1: The World Comes To America: Kevin Baker,Barack Obama,Prof. Gail Buckland" (click the photo above.)

Plus you can get 

AMERICA The Story of Us Book 2: Creating The West [Kindle Edition With Audio/Video] Click this photo:


Finally, you can get AMERICA The Story of Us Book 3: A House Divided Cannot Stand [Kindle Edition With Audio/Video]

Kevin Baker Barack Obama Prof. Gail Buckland 

Plus if you have the following (I don't, waah) you get audio and video content too!

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