Monday, September 10, 2012

Free Electronic Workbook - 2000 Multiplication Facts 0-12 - Kindle etc.

     Normally $2.99, right now over at Amazon you can get this electronic Flash workbook for free! I don't know how long it'll be this price, so rush over (click on photo above). I recommend it whether you have homeschoolers, classroom students or just want to brush up on your own math skills.
     Here's how they describe it:  This is a simple, no-frills electronic practice workbook. Each flashcard consists of 5 multiplication facts, followed by a page of answers. They work just like ordinary, handheld flashcards, except that you read these modern flashcards in an eBook. The first 20 pages begin with just the numbers 0 thru 5 to help students develop fluency with the lower numbers first. Every 20 pages, a higher number is introduced until all of the numbers 0 thru 12 are used. Halfway through this eBook, the numbers 0 and 1 will stop appearing, as they become too easy. The facts are randomly organized, so you can’t simply guess the next answer based on a simple pattern – instead, you must memorize the facts, which is the goal of the workbook.

You’re in control of this electronic workbook. If the flashcards are too easy, skip ahead: As you go further ahead, there are more high numbers, and once you get halfway through, there are no more 0’s or 1’s. If the flashcards are too hard, go back to an earlier portion of this eBook, where the numbers are all lower. This way, you can suit the level of difficulty to your own individual needs and ability.

There are 800 pages: 400 flashcards, 400 answer pages. The answers come immediately after each flashcard. There are 2000 multiplication facts all together – plenty of practice to develop fluency (and you could always go back and repeat any portions that you want)."

Just click on the photo above to go to the site and download yours, free for Kindle, computer, androids, Iphones etc. with the free Kindle aps you can also download if you haven't already.

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