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Coupon Code for Dell Laser Printers Monochrome or Color!

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I want to remind all my readers that I have a 10 percent off Code for you on select Dell Laser Printers thanks to BzzAgent! Laser printers are very cool with quick printing and high print quality.
I'll bet my fellow artists, designers and scrapbookers should especially love this aspect of them :) Could you imagine having extremely high quality photos for your scrapbooks or printouts of Vintage and other art for your collages?
The code is: 8NBKCCXQH92HMB
You can just head on over to to select the laser printer of your dreams. (No, I don't make any money if you do so, lol.)
You can check out each of the available models:
Dell B1160w, 
Dell 1250c
Dell 1355cn
Dell 1350cnw
Dell 1355cnw
Once you decide on a printer, click the "CUSTOMIZE IT" button. You will have the option to add accessories (coupon code does NOT apply to these).
Once done customizing, click "REVIEW AND CHECKOUT" button. You will then be able to review a summary of your choices.
On the summary page click "ADD TO CART" button.
Within the cart there is a COUPON ENTRY section at the bottom of the page. Use your unique code from the Campaign Homepage here and Click "APPLY COUPON". The discount will now show up in your cart.
Click "CHECKOUT" and proceed with billing information.
Here are the models you get to choose from: Dell B1160w, Dell 1250c, Dell 1355cn, Dell 1350cnw and Dell 1355cnw
(You can also share this code for 10% off a Dell laser printer with friends! 8NBKCCXQH92HMB)
Visit to learn more about all the laser printers Dell offers and why they’re a smart decision for home offices and small businesses.

Bzzagent sent me coupons (which I shared with others) For instance, my daughter and her honey had needed a printer for a very long time, what with college etc. Plus she happens to be a marvelous photographer, so I wanted her to be able to print out some of her artworks. Having had a Macintosh monochrome laser printer decades ago as a journalist, I knew one of these might be perfect, so I gave them a code. They liked the idea of getting a discount of course, and of the laser saving money potentially in the long run by costing less per page. The promised better print quality and the WiFi also intrigued her, since she has a laptop. But they were disappointed (like I) that it cost so much upfront for the laser cartridge itself. They wound up getting a used printer off Craig's List, lol.
BzzAgent also gave me a coupon code for me to use myself so I could buy a printer at a discount for a review. Unfortunately, although I wished and dreamed for and needed a new printer and planned to hopefully get one before the deadline, due to unexpected health issues I could not afford to get one after all. (Boohoo.) Even at half off, the cash outlay would have been too much for me right now. (Sorry BzzAgent and Dell.)
However, I can tell you what BzzAgent says about the printers. I'll bet these info bits will pique your interest:
"Today's laser printers deserve way more props than they get. Do they offer superb quality printing? Absolutely. Can they save you time and money? Without a doubt. Are some smaller, sleeker and easier to use than ever before? Thanks to Dell, they totally are!
A printer with the word "laser" in the name undoubtedly means business, but these machines aren't just for work anymore. Achieve cost-effective, razor-sharp prints for everything from school assignments to crafting projects, all in a matter of minutes.
For a minute there, these sleek and mighty machines had us fooled. Mesmerized by the HD

TVs of the world, we were oblivious to the fact that there's LED technology living inside Dell 

laser printers. It's like the Trojan Horse of electronics! Clever little trick, Dell, but the public's 

finally hip to what you're printing. And let's just say we're impressed."

In 2010, over 80% of Dell's printers won a major industry

 award — their laser printers alone have won five PC 

Magazine Editor's Choice Awards!


Have a home office or a small business with big plans? Whether you're looking for monochrome or color, something simple or a multifunction machine, here are some stellar Dell laser printers to consider:


Space-saving and reliable, the Dell™ B1160w Laser Printer offers mono printing at its best. This monochrome wonder with built-in wireless is the consummate home office accessory.


This compact color laser-class printer saves space without skimping on functionality. The Dell™ 1250c Color Printer features high-quality printouts and blazing fast printing speeds.


Spark and support your creativity with the Dell™ 1350cnw Color Printer — offering seamless WiFi connectivity, brilliant color capabilities and easy networking.


Color printing and scanning are compact when it comes to the Dell™ 1355cn Color Printer. Stand out from the crowd with quick and amazing color prints, copies, and scans featuring rich, true-to-life tones.


Transform your work space into a hub of productivity with the Dell™ 1355cnw Multifunction Color Printer. Enjoy wireless printing and superb print, fax, copy and scan cap
"Behold — all the reasons you never knew you wanted and needed a Dell laser printer:


  • Laser printers rely on dry toner rather than wet ink, so printed pages don't smear or curl, and cartridges never dry out before they're fully used
  • Dell uses emulsion aggregation (EA) toner, which can produce fewer CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process and can lead to less energy consumption overall


  • LED color printers print in a single pass instead of the standard four passes for other printers in this class — the result is a dramatically faster color print speed
  • A small print head makes for an ultra-compact design, allowing you to maximize your work space
  • The drum and fuser unit are made to last the lifetime of the printer; replace the toner and nothing else


  • High-capacity toner cartridges are designed to lead to a lower cost-per-page
  • Decreased energy consumption and minimal maintenance can also help reduce the cost of owning a printer by up to 70%
  • Fuser parts and kits are covered for all Dell laser printers under a valid Dell Limited Hardware Warranty*
*For copy of Ltd Hardware Warranty, write Dell USA LP, Attn: Warranties, One Dell Way, Round Rock, TX 78682 or see
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