Sunday, September 16, 2012

Grasshopper Land Free Ebook for Homeschool, Classroom, Nature and Insect fans

This free ebook is so cool. Especially for those of us who sometimes had hoards of grasshoppers land in our part of the country in the middle of nowhere! So I'll bet my youngest son (and his dad) would enjoy this. I know I will, and that it will bring back a mixed bag of memories (like all those young trees we lost.)
I also included some interesting grasshopper photos for your research pleasure.

kniphofia with grasshopper in PNG
kniphofia with grasshopper in PNG (Photo credit: yumievriwan)
 (Photo credit: musical photo man)
     Here's how Jim Erskine describes the book: "Another superb book by Margaret Warner Morley, this time all about grasshoppers and their fascinating lives. Lots of great illustrations in this gentle and extremely entertaining nature book too."

English: Mating Grasshoppers, Uvita, Costa Rica
English: Mating Grasshoppers, Uvita, Costa Rica
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the book's Foreword:
This book is not for children. It is for their grandfathers and grandmothers who were once boys and girls in the country, and who may be in danger, after all these years, of forgetting about grasshoppers. If the children persist in reading so old a book they must not grumble at the long words, but quietly hunt them up in the dictionary, or else wait until they themselves are grandfathers and grandmothers, when they will understand it all quite easily.

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