Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Free Digital Addition Flash Cards in Color For Kindle Etc.

    Right now you can get this ebook free, for Kindle or computers or whatever with Amazon's free software. "Digital Addition Flash Cards" would be great for homeschool or classroom homework practice.
      "Each flash card appears as its own picture on its own page. All of the flash cards come in pairs: First comes the problem flash card, followed by the corresponding answer flash card. The answer flash card reminds you what the problem was. So first you see the problem, and then you check your answer immediately.

This eBook reads like a book. It is not a program or a game. It does not use a random number generator. The flash cards do look like ordinary flashcards (and they are in color and are decorated with smiley faces). The first half of this eBook has the flash cards in order to help memorize the addition tables. The second half are shuffled to help test how well the addition tables have been memorized. The shuffled cards will always appear in the same order."

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