Saturday, September 15, 2012

Free Video Game Giveaway Putrid Putters Download

Putrid PuttersToday's full licensed video game freebie is getting mixed reviews, but it normally sells for $10 and today you can try it and see for yourself, so I figure it's worth a mention.
     I am not into horror, myself. Although these characters don't sound really scary if they are playing miniature golf. Maybe it would keep the kids distracted while they wait for it to get dark enough to go trick or treating, if you're into that sort of thing. I know my youngest son will get a kick out of the gross name, anyhow.
     Here's how the developers describe it. (I am not trying it myself, probably, although I have always loved real miniature golf, lol.)
      "The Horror Palace Network is pleased to present a Windows-based PC Game called Putrid Putters, one of the best miniature golf games for the computer. Your goal is simple in mini golf: get the golf ball in the hole in the fewest amount of shots. It sounds easy but horror characters, villains, monsters and obstacles stand in your way! Choose from 2 entertaining and terrifying courses: Scarecrow Fever and Bloody Barbarians.
     Putrid Putters makes it simple to play a round of golf: use the mouse to aim, and use the mouse button to adjust the power strength.
System Requirements:Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8; compatible with both x32 and x64 OS
Publisher:Horror Palace Network
File Size:31.8 MB
Price:The program is available for $10.00, but it will befree for our visitors as a time-limited offer.

Oodles of features included; 2 courses, 36 holes, golf ball chooser, creepy music and sound effects with a detailed statistical database!
An in-game high score leaderboard showing you the best 100 rounds played in the world!
Don’t delay, give Putrid Putters a try today, an addicting and fun mini golf game with a horror themed twist!"

To download your copy go here today:

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